Push Rod Tube Seal Replacement

Tools Required:


Shallow 11 mm 1/4 Drive

2 Jack Stands

19 Mm Tire Tool

Torque Wrench

Right Angle Pick

Trouble Light

Engine Cleaner

Large Flat Blade Screwdriver

1/4 Drive Ratchet

Valve Adjustment Procedure & Tool


1) Jack the vehicle and rest on jack stands. Remove the two rear tires. Thoroughly clean the underside of the engine, especially around the push rod tubes. A high pressure washer with engine cleaner works best for this. Remove the air guide plates to allow more access to the tubes.

2) Remove all of the heater pieces under the push rod tubes. Unfortunately 75-76, models do not allow removal of the heater parts !

3) Replace the seals in the order of the valve adjustment procedure(1,4,3,2). Replace the seals for each cylinder while it is in valve adjustment position (top dead center for that cylinder).

4) Remove the rocker arm assembly for the first cylinder (Remember top dead center position!) Using the 11 mm socket and ratchet. Be sure to clean all parts.

5) Carefully using a pair of pliers grasp the push rod tubes from under the vehicle while twisting and pushing outward. Most of the tubes can be completely removed with the engine in the vehicle. The others are serviced while 2 inches out of the head.

6) With the tubes pulled free and the seals exposed, remove the seals. An angled pick works best. It will be necessary to work with the push rods in the way so be sure to keep the push rods clean.

7) Lightly grease the replacement seals and install. The larger seals are installed on the cylinder head side, the smaller seals on the case side (of the tube).

8) Position the tubes back towards the engine case. Again using pliers, twist and push the tubes toward the engine case. If you have viton tube seals (from 914 World Headquarters) extra attention must be paid to the seals. They are oversized and fit very tightly. These seals have much higher resistance to failure and are recommended when doing this procedure.

9) Once the tubes for that cylinder are completely seated (you will notice them snap into place), push the push rods into the lifters and make sure they are centered into the lifter well.

10) Install the rocker arm assemblies while monitoring the push rods. Be sure the push rod is completely seated into the push rod cup on the rocker arm.

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